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Of Un-Godly Relationships

Twelve ways to know that you are in a wrong relationship:

1. When it is all about emotions and feelings but lacks purpose of partnership.

2. When it constitutes a distraction to your initial goals and vision.

3. When it contradicts your values and personal convictions.

4. When you have to fall out of love with God and His word just to stay in love with him/her.

5. When you have lost your peace and assurance from God concerning the relationship and your attempts at fixing it fails miserably.

6. When the relationship lacks common likes, common passions, and common convictions, and the areas of conflicts overwhelm and overshadow the areas of compatibility.

7. When one of you is in a desperate move to rescue or make over the other person.

8. When the timing, the manner or the pattern by which the foundation for the relationship was laid was crooked, corrupt, and conflicting to the laws of purity, the laws of sexual attraction, and the
laws of relationship.

9. When you are the only person that sees something good about it. When all your friends, family, pastors, colleagues are all worried about it, except you.

10. When your haste to commence the relationship is greater than the need to sit down and plan for the relationship and you seem so careless to the details of what you are going into.

11. When the things you do, permit or goes on in the relationship has become like the secrets of a cult that must never be told to anyone.

12. When you are forced to remain in the relationship despite your clear intention to quit and you have become a victim of depression, guilt, blackmail, “manage me anyhow”, and “I have nowhere else to go.”


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