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Think Hebrew

Disclaimer: I wrote this post before starting graduate biblical studies. As a result, I must admit that while the ideas seem plausible, I would not write this article the same if I were writing it today. However, I’ve left it up for the now because I think that the scriptural connections are still worth thinking about.

In Matthew 21:19-22 (and also in Mark 11) we find the story of Jesus cursing a fig tree because he couldn’t find any fruit on it.  This at first seems inane.  Why would the supposed Son of God get so upset over not finding any fruit that he would lash out and curse it, a seemingly careless abuse of his God-given powers?  Did he have a lapse of judgment?  Or was this action, as was every action, a carefully planned and perfectly executed teaching for his talmidim (disciples)?  But what does it mean?


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